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旅を共にしたい本!「Catching the Sun」(Tony Parsons)

昨年末にマレーシアに行ったとき、クアラルンプール国際空港でマレーシアリンギットが余ったので何か買おうと、偶然手にしたのが「Catching the Sun」(Tony Parsons著)。カバーのデザインから良書の雰囲気が伝わってくるし、そこに書かれていた一文がとにかく印象的でした。「Can you really start again in paradise?」


One young family goes in search of their dreams…

The Finn family – Tom, Tess and twins Rory and Keeva – leave broken Britain in search of a better life. Their destination is Hat Nai Yang beach, stretched along the south coast od Phuket, Thailand: an island paradise where the children swim with elephants, the gibbons sing love songs in the rainforest, the sea is like turquoise glass and a young family is free to glow.

But paradise has a heart of darkness and disasters made by man and nature conspire to shatter the tropical idyll – and threaten to fear family apart.

CATCHING THE SUNIS is a gripping and moving story of a young family who go in search of paradise – and discover themselves.

話に登場するHat Nai Yang(ナイヤンビーチ)はタイに実在する場所で、著者も自身が実際に訪れていたと書いています。島やコミュニティを愛し、海の案内までしてくれた現地の人たちが居なければ小説も書けなかったと述べています。だからこそのリアリティが面白く、物語に共感できる部分が沢山。

‘Body massage?’ one of the girl said to me. ‘Hand massage?’
‘Why would I want my hand massaged?’ I said.
Jessie laughed. ‘They massage you with their hand or with their body.’ ‘Slip them a few extra baht and they’ll even wash behind your ears,’ Jessie said. ‘Come on.’


This was Songkran, the Buddhist festival of the Thai New Year. At the local wat, Buddha images were purified with water for good luck. Children poured fragrant holy water over the hands of their senior relatives. And everyone else had a water fight.


他にも、同じくタイ、プーケットに行くなら映画版でピピ島がモデルとなった「The Beach」(Alex Garland)、インドに行くなら「Slumdog Millionaire」(Vikas Swarup)、メキシコに行くなら「Born to Run」(Christopher McDougall)は、是非バックパックに詰めるといいかと思います:p

「Catching the Sun」、おすすめです。

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