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SI-UKのLecture Listening & Discussionのクラスに通っているのですが、たまにHomeworkが出たりします。今回のお題はImmigrantに関する記事を読んでくるということで、サマリをメモしておくことにしてみました。

JAPAN TODAY on Jan 6, 2012
Why are Japanese averse to immigration?

Interesting article on Japan Today. That explains why Japanese oppose immigration from foreigners point of view. One councillor in Tsukuba, which is known as academic city holding university and research institution. He says 3 points.

Firstly Japanese just fear in change. Since Japan have closed its door to foreign country, few foreigners occupy population in Japan. Therefore Japanese are not familiar with them especially among the elder.

Secondly he explains Japanese are too brainwashed. Police poster say “be careful” with images of foreign faces, and crimes by foreigners are tend to be covered widely regardless its significance.

Finally, he mentions nationalism. Because people are taught to love country where they were born too much, they can’t accept others who born abroad.

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